Introducing AutoProc

AutoProc offers solutions to replace legacy hardware and software from Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computers, Hewlett Packard and Sun microsystems.

After a long history of consulting in the emulation of systems, is virtualization a new aspect in our core business. In our companies' past the only objective was to emulate DEC Hardware on a new server.

Now we take it a few steps further. After the emulation process, comes the virtualization component. That means that you do not need the physical hardware anymore. The emulated system runs on a much more stable virtual application. The hardware is now reduced to a mindless body, which you can throw away, but you always keep the brain of the system.

Many of these legacy systems are replaced by Charon emulators for replacing PDP-11, VAX and Alpha virtualization. The Sybil emulator virtualizes the SUN Sparcstations and the Zelus emulator virtualizes the HP-3000 system.

So we are capable to help you migrate these platforms to new hardware. This allows you to continue producing with your existing plant, reducing maintenance costs dramatically and with a higher reliability than ever before.


SUN Microsystems